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Frequently Asked Questions...

  • What type of window is most energy efficient?
    Double/Triple Pane with multiple coats of Low-E and Argon Gas.
  • What type of windows are best?
    Pure Vinyl with no recycle material, Energy Efficient, multiple coats of Low-E, Argon Gas, Professionally Installed with a Strong Warranty.
  • When should I replace my windows?
    The most cost effective time is now.
  • What time of year is best to replace windows?
    Anytime is a good time, we install all year around.
  • What type of windows last the longest?
    Pure Vinyl, foam core, welded corners with multiple coats of Low-E and Argon Gas.
  • Should I replace all my windows at once?
    Most people do, it’s a personal preference depending on budget and/or windows worst than others. Replacing all at once will save you the most on energy bills.
  • Can I save money on window replacements?
    Yes! Most homeowners see a lower utility usage when replacing old with Energy Efficient Windows.
  • How do I know if my windows are cheap?
    Are your windows foggy? Do they lock? Hard to open? Hard to shut? Feel wind come through? Is your glass cold in the winter? Hot in the summer? Are some rooms a different temperature than others? Does your TV have a glare?
  • What’s average price of windows?
    Windows range from $500 for an entry level window, if you install yourself, to $4,000+ for custom efficient windows.
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