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Can you tell if windows need replaced from the street?

Most often, yes

Here are a few quick things to look for when inspecting a home from the curb:

+Does the glass look wavy? This could be a sign of single-pane or old, thin glass on windows that is beginning to warp.

+Does the trim look chalky? This could be a sign of a weathered window-frame, where cracks are most likely beginning to or have already formed where a tight seal should be.

+Does the style look outdated? Vintage window styles can be lovely, but not energy efficient or the safest to protect against intruders and water damage. At Zion Windows we can accommodate any style of window while ensuring top safety and energy efficient features.

If you have further questions about updating the quality of your windows for a boost in your wallet month to month alongside your curb appeal, contact us, Zion Windows, for a free consultation. Our experts will ensure you feel confident in your investment and are here to proudly serve you.

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